Energy resource in today’s world is a much debated topic. The whole world is dependent on energy and if the energy is not enough to sustain human life then we are doomed. But we cannot deny the fact that the very use of energy has spoiled our environment. For example hydel energy needs the destruction of massive space while thermal energy apart from depleting a non renewable resource, coal and it also pollutes the environment on a massive scale.

Environment friendly energy

There are many environmental friendly energy resources. Some of them are wind, solar and etc. But among them all, solar is the best as it is derived from the heat of the sun and it is present in surplus quantity on our planet or rephrasing the word we can say that it is present in surplus quantity throughout our solar system.

Criteria for an energy resource

As the energy sources in our time are generally about to deplete or it can be said that the energy that we are producing at the current rate is not sufficient for the future and so we have developed some criteria.

Some of them are

1)      The energy resource should not pollute the environment

2)      It should be renewable ( by the term renewable it is meant that the energy resource will never deplete)

3)      Available in surplus quantity

4)      Availability of the source should not be limited i.e. it should be available all the time.

Now as we are talking about the benefits of solar energy it is understood that solar energy clearly satisfies all the above factors except one, which is the availability factor. But his one factor cannot deter the very fact that it is the best and the cheapest source of energy.

Solar energy benefits

1)      The first and the most important is that solar energy is renewable

2)      Secondly, it is available for free of cost

3)      There is no necessity of being dependent on electricity i.e. we can make electricity of our own with the help of solar cells and use it without being dependent on the government to provide electricity.

4)      The solar cells require minimum maintenance therefore taking less amount of money from your pocket.

5)      Almost in all of the countries the government provides monetary support to install a solar panel further lowering the cost from your pocket.

6)       The good thing comes here. If you are producing surplus amount of electricity you can always sell it back to the government for further gain in money.

7)      There are some types of solar cells known to produce electricity even if the sun is not shining. These are done by them as they absorb enough heat when the sun is shining and give it off hen the sun is not bright.

8)      Further more these solar are not harmful like our electricity boards, bringing down the risk factor.

9)      The further development in the science has made it possible to produce solar electricity with less usage of area by enhancing the quality of the solar cells.